Understanding trial features in Chaser: What’s available and included in the trial?

Explore the range of features and functions accessible during your Chaser trial, allowing you to fully experience the impact of using Chaser.

What features and functions are available to me?

  • Send payment reminders before and after due dates as frequently as you’d like
  • Chase an unlimited number of invoices with no overage charges for going over a pre-set amount
  • Set up automated ‘Thank you for paying’ emails
  • Use an unlimited number of schedules and templates
  • Add an unlimited amount of users
  • Set up a Chaser Pay account or connect Stripe for instant payments
  • Grant your customers full access to the payment portal
  • Send emails from your company email addresses with email integration
  • Use all reporting and export features via the Receivables and Reports tabs
  • Configure organisation and chasing settings and criteria
  • Receive support from Chaser’s teams for optimal setup

Features not available during trial: 

Is it possible to keep all features used during the trial when I subscribe?

If you decide to subscribe to a plan, it's important to review the features available for each plan level on the pricing page. If your chosen plan doesn’t include features you have been using in your trial, you will lose access to these features. 

For users, templates and schedules that exceed the plan limits in the trial, you will be alerted to remove these features manually before you’re able to subscribe to your chosen plan.  

If you opt for the Basic plan, domain verification and email integration will be automatically removed at the end of your trial.

How do I know which plan to choose?

Book a call with an expert using this link to help understand which plan is best for you.