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Escalating to Chaser Collections

You can instruct the Chaser Collections team to collect invoices issued to companies in the UK on your behalf from the collections page, the receivables invoice tab and invoice subtable.


Ready to Collect

Invoices of £250 or over in value, and more than 30 days overdue are considered ‘Ready for collection’. However, this is a guide so do feel free to escalate any invoice to Chaser collections that you would like. 

In the Collections page, these invoices can be seen in the collections ready box. 


Instructing Chase collections

On the Collections page, you can view your overdue invoices. Click the ‘Collect’ button on the right or the bulk editor on the left to escalate one or multiple invoices. 

In the receivables page, you can escalate to Chaser collections using the three-point dot menu on the invoice or the bulk selector on the left and select ‘Quote for Collections’. 


A modal with then appear with information about the collection rate and process.


  1. Accept the terms and conditions using the checkbox provided.
  2. If you would like to talk with the collections team please click the hyperlink provided to book in a call.
  3. If you have yet to add ‘collection details’ to this customer, it will flag with a red alert icon. Please find information on how to add these details in the section below.
  4. Once you click the ‘Collect’ button,  chasing on this invoice will be temporarily paused and it will be marked as ‘Pending’. 
  5. Within 3 working hours of clicking 'Collect', we will review the invoice/s, and either accept the instruction or reach out to you for further details. 
  6. The collections team will be automatically added to your Chaser organisation to allow us to record all communications within Invoice History.
  7. Your invoice status will now change to ‘Collecting’.
  8. The collections team will begin their work to get you paid.
  9. Your Receivables tab will be updated with all activity and your Account Manager will be in regular contact to keep you in the loop with your payment.
  10. You can cancel collections for any ‘pending’ invoice by selecting ‘Cancel Collections’ in the three-point menu in the Collections page

Adding collection details

To collect effectively, we will need some additional information about your customer and the invoices you wish to collect. 

Please ensure the contact details  are up to date in your accounting system and fill in the collection details section on the relevant customer page with the following details: 

  • Context around what goods or services the invoices in question refers to.
  • Information about any known disputes on this invoice. 
  • If you would like to collect statutory late payment fees.
  • If this is a repeat customer with history and ongoing business with your company.
  • If you would be willing to accept a payment plan for this customer


You can track your progress with Chaser Collections on the Collections page.