Domain verification

Verify your domain in Chaser to send invoice reminder straight from your email address.

Why do I want to verify my domain?


Verifying your domain with Chaser will reduce the likelihood of your chaser emails being marked as spam, as it will allow Chaser to send initial emails directly from your email domain. Verifying your domain is achieved by updating your SPF/DKIM records.

How do I access Chaser’s DNS records?

You will need to use a domain with Chaser such as "". Use of a domain will allow chasers to be sent from your domain (

Follow the steps below to set up your domain:

  1. Log into Chaser and navigate to the ‘Manage’ tab and then onto ‘Email’ 
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page
  3. Click ‘Add Domain’ in the Domain Verification section
  4. Type your domain (for example; and click ‘Add Domain’
  5. Check your email inbox (tied to your Chaser user) for the new records to update
  6. You can also find the new records by clicking 'Check DNS Records Now'

Your status will be marked as ‘Not Verified’ until you have completed the subsequent steps to verify your domain. 

How do I verify my domain?

  1. Navigate to the email you received, there will be a list of three DNS records (TXT, TXT, CNAME).
  2. Add these DNS records to your domain provider. Instructions on how to do this are specific to the provider that you use. Some instructions for  the most common email servers can be found here:
    1. GoDaddy: Specifically for GoDaddy, the DNS records do not need your domain in the record name. For example; the domain record for the CNAME record '' would just be 'email'. Please let us know if this needs to be clarified.
    2. NameCheap
    3. Rackspace Email & Apps
    4. Rackspace Cloud DNS
    5. Amazon Route 53
    6. Digital Ocean
    7. Gmail
    8. Outlook
  3. Log into Chaser, and navigate to Settings > Email
  4. Click ‘Check DNS Records Now’ in the Domain Verification section. If you haven't completed the above steps correctly, Chaser will let you know in a popup which DNS records are missing.

Note: DNS Records can take up to 72 hours to take effect.

How do I delete my domain from Chaser?

Deleting your domain will remove the ability to send verified emails directly from your email server.

  1. Log into Chaser, and navigate to Manage > Email
  2. Click ‘Delete’ in the Domain Verification section
  3. Delete DNS records

I want to use a subdomain to send chasers, how do I set this up?

It is possible to set up a subdomain as opposed to a root domain to send Chasers (e.g. “”). Use of a subdomain will still allow you to use your regular selected sender (at the relevant root domain) to send emails (e.g.

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