Introduction to Chaser Pay

Get paid faster and seamlessly manage your payments within Chaser with Chaser Pay

What is Chaser Pay?

Offer a seamless payment experience to your customers with Chaser Pay and increase your chances of receiving prompt payments. Your customers can make payments using their preferred method of payment: credit or debit card, Apple pay, Google pay, or instant bank transfer.

View and manage your payments and payouts directly within Chaser using the Chaser Pay dashboard. You won’t need to set-up or use any third-party applications.

Your Chaser Pay dashboard will provide the relevant details for you to mark the invoices as paid and reconcile the payments received. Xero and Quickbooks online users will have their invoices automatically marked as paid when a successful payment is made.

NB instant bank transfers are only available for transactions made from a UK bank account to another UK bank account.

Who can use Chaser Pay?

You can use Chaser Pay if your funds will be received into a UK bank account.

If you’re interested in using Chaser Pay but wish to be paid into a bank account with a different currency (or multiple bank accounts), let our support team know at so we can hear your feedback.

How do I sign up for Chaser Pay?

It is recommended that you follow this Chaser Pay onboarding support document to help you through the signup process for Chaser Pay. 

  1. Navigate to the manage section in your account.
  2. Create your Chaser Pay account.

    Screenshot 2023-06-26 at 13.37.30

  3. Complete the registration
  4. Select your relevant payment accounts (applicable to Xero and Quickbooks online users only)
    1. Select a payment account for each currency that you wish to take payments for (supported currencies are GBP, USD and EUR).

NB: If you are using an account system other than Xero or Quickbooks online, all currencies (GBP, USD and EUR) will be supported by default.

How to get your team onboard with using Chaser Pay

If you need to request permission from a decision-maker to start using Chaser Pay at your business, you can use this email template to get buy-in from your team.

How to get your customers onboard with using Chaser Pay

To let your customers know about the convenient payment options now available to them, you can use one of the below email templates:

If your customers have questions about paying you via these new payment options, you can use this FAQ document to answer some common questions. 

Demonstration of Chaser Pay

What information is required to sign up?



Date of birth

Company registration number

Phone number

Business web address

Business web address (if available)

List of services provided

List of services provided

Company bank account details

Bank account details

Phone number

Copy of bank statement (only if requested)

Operational address

Copy of passport or driver's licence (only if requested)

Date of birth for all company stakeholders


Address for all company stakeholders


Nationality for all company stakeholders


Role for all company stakeholders 


Percentage of busiess ownership of all company stakeholders


Passport or driving license copy for all company stakeholders 


Company representative's authorisation


VAT number


Copy of company bank statement


Copy of company utility bill document

Limited companies may also need to supply the details of a stakeholder together with incorporation documents and bank statements.

If you need help sourcing information, or requesting any of the required information from your team when signing up for Chaser Pay, it is recommended that you follow this Chaser Pay onboarding support containing guidance and templates. 


What is the cost of using Chaser Pay?

There are no monthly fees for Chaser Pay - access is included in your Chaser subscription. You’re charged a small fee for each payment made, while instant bank transfers are free

Each payment you receive is subject to a small fee.

See Chaser Pay transaction fees here.

Note: Any payments which are made in EUR or USD that will be to your GBP bank account will be subjected to fees according to the receiving bank policy.

Learn how Chaser Pay works here.