Send a letter using Chaser

Last updated: 3rd June 2024

Available to: All Chaser customers with a direct subscription, this is not available to any customers who sign up via the Xero app store, or customers who are in their trial. 
Applies to: This article applies to users looking to send out invoice reminder letters by post automatically. 

Add a letter to a schedule

1. Go to templates, and review the single and multi templates which have been added to your account, these can be personalised to your tone of voice and preferences. Select preview to see an example letter using your template.

2. Go to schedules, select the schedule that you would like to add a letter to

3. Select +, and then letter

4. Select the when you would like this letter to be sent, the days selected are based on the invoice due date

You can also upload your organisation logo which will be included in the letter header.

Your organisation address will be pulled from your accounting system, it is visible in your organisation settings. In some regions, you may be legally required to add your address to your letterhead. If the company address is missing from your account, and letters are due to be sent, a warning will be included in your forwarded emails.

Letter templates

Your Chaser account will include default letter templates which can be altered to suit your own tone of voice or preferences. These will include a QR code which links to your customer's payment portal where they can make an instant payment.

Letter templates are limited to 1500 characters to ensure best practice. Letters 2 A4 pages or less are easier for recipients to digest and therefore, more powerful. 

Click Preview to download an example letter using your template and logo. 

Sending a letter

Chaser letters will be sent at the chase time configured in your Chaser account.  Once a letter has been sent, a history event will appear on the relevant customer and invoice page. You will be able to download a PDF of the letter, and also see the status of the letter.


The letter will be sent automatically using the customer address in your Chaser account. This address is pulled from your accounting system. A warning will appear in the next chase section of Chasefeed if a letter is due to be sent but the address is missing or invalid. You will also be notified in forewarn emails. Go to the customer list to filter on missing information, and select missing addresses. This will display a list of all customers who have missing or invalid addresses for sending letters.

To be valid, an address must include

  • The first line of the address
  • Postcode/Zipcode (city, state and county are recommended but not mandatory)
  • If sending a letter outside of the UK, the country code is mandatory
    • The country must be included in letters sent to destinations outside of the United Kingdom. This must be included in ISO2 (e.g. US/AU) ISO3 (e.g. USA/AUS) description (e.g. United States/Australia) or fips (e.g. US / AS) format.


For letters sent to a UK and USA address

Country Price per letter
United Kingdom £1
Australia $1.90 AUD
New Zealand $2.09 NZD
United States $1.25 USD
Europe €1.16
Rest of world $1.25 USD


For letters sent anywhere else in the world

Country Price per letter
United Kingdom £2
Australia $3.80 AUD
New Zealand $4.18 NZD
United States $2.50 USD
Europe €2.32
Rest of world $2.50 USD

Adding or upda
ting your customer addresses
Chaser uses the address data from your accounting system, check that this is up to date before your letter is due to be sent. Details of any missing or invalid address will be included in your forewarn emails (which can be enabled in manage > email).

Delivery times

The delivery time will vary by destination, see average delivery times below:

  • United Kingdom – 2-3 working day delivery time.
  • Europe (Non-UK) – 7-10 working day delivery time.
  • Rest of the World (ROW) and USA – 14-21 working day delivery time.

Letter History

All letters sent by Chaser will be logged in the customer and invoice history. You can download a PDF of the letter which was sent and see relevant status updates, for example, if it has been produced (printed), cancelled or returned.

Letters that are returned will be returned to our letter provider's office address.

Regional coverage

It is possible to send letters using Chaser to any country

Chase now

This is not currently an option in Chaser. If you are interested in using this functionality, please get in touch with, who can raise a feedback request. 


Unfortunately, Chaser will not have visibility of the reply, however, you can add a note to the customer or invoice page and include the contents of the letter to ensure you have full visibility of the communication history with your customer.

Xero app store

This feature is currently unavailable for customers who subscribe to the Xero app store or for trial users.