Customer page

Filter, sort and manage all of your customers from the Customers tab on your Receivables page.

Access individual customer pages through the Receivables page by clicking on a customer name. These show in blue and underline when you hover your cursor over them.

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View up-to-date customer information including:

  • Name and contact details
  • Payment portal link
  • Tags from your accounting software
  • Payer rating
  • Credit score
  • Chasing Status
  • Schedule
  • Outstanding, overdue and credit limit amounts
  • Full customer and invoice history

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Contact information

View contact information pulled through from your accounting system, including the main contact name, phone and mobile numbers, and postal address.


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Overdue and outstanding

View the total outstanding and overdue amounts for the customer on the right, and any credit limits set. Click edit to adjust the customer's credit limit. Learn more about credit limits in Chaser here.

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Add note

You can add notes straight from this screen which will attach to the customer's profile and be visible through the history. 

  • Select the ‘Add Note’ button and enter your comments in the note module. 
  • Highlight the invoices this note is relevant to from the drop-down.
  • Attach a note to invoices using the dropdown menu under 'Attach invoices'.
  • Set yourself an optional reminder using ‘Select date’.
  • Click ‘Save note’ to confirm.
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View a log of all ‘events’ and notes for the customer here, including:

  • Chases
  • statement emails
  • Customer responses
  • Notes added by you or any other team member at both a customer or invoice level 
  • Notes added by Chaser’s in-house collections team about your customer or an invoice

View the detail of any ‘event’ in the history by clicking the row you wish to expand:

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View outstanding invoices for the customer in the same format as on the 'Invoices' main tab. Learn more about this view here.

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Collections details

Add notes for our in-house collections team here, including if you require additional fees to be applied and if this is a repeat customer.

Payment portal

Add customer-specific notes for them to view in their unique payment portal. Learn more about the payment portal here.

Credit report

Purchase, run and view an up-to-date credit report for the customer under this tab.


View all contacts attached to this customer in your accounting system. Select which customer contacts will receive automated normal and escalated chasers, and who will be cc'd into these. Click the link to your accounting system to add more contacts.

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