Call reminders

Schedule and manage calls within Chaser

Call reminders can be added to your schedules. When adding a call reminder to your schedule, you will need to select an assigned user and a minimum overdue value. The assigned user will see the call reminder in their task list. 

The minimum overdue value can be added to ensure that calls are scheduled in the most cost effective manor. This allows you to schedule call reminder tasks earlier when the customer overdue balance is high. 

At your selected chase time, the relevant call reminders will be added to the assigned users call list. 

Call list

The call reminders list displays all calls that are due to be completed. By default, this will show your users calls only, but you are also able to see all tasks by deselecting the checkbox labeled “only show calls assigned to me”.

A list of completed calls can also be found by selecting “done”.

The call list provides you with the following information

  • The customer name
  • Assinged user
  • Invoices - this provides a list of all invoices that are associated with the task. 
  • Overdue amount - This is the total amount overdue for all invoices that are eligible for a phone call. Any payments (including partial payments) will be deducted from the amount.If an invoice is placed on a payment plan, this will only consider instalments that are overdue and unpaid. Before due invoices are not included. 
  • Call due - this will display the date that the call should be completed. Rescheduled calls will display the date and the time that the next call should be completed.


All contact numbers associated with the contact will be displayed. 

NB: Contact numbers are managed within your account system, ERP, or data imports if using our CSV or API integration

Registering a call

From the call list, there are 2 ways to register a call. From the call list you can click the customer name to navigate to the customer page where you can see all information relating to the customer and their invoices and also register the call using the “register call” button. It is also possible to quickly register a call from the call list by selecting “register call”.

When registering a call you will be asked to select the call result “answered”, “not answered”, “incorrect number” or “skipped” (mandatory), add notes (optional), select the relevant invoices (optional). 

All calls and notes will be displayed in the history section on the relevant customer and invoice page. Once a call has been completed, it will no longer appear in the call list but will be visible in the “done” tab.

Rescheduling a call 

If a call is logged as “not answered” or “skipped”, an option will become available to reschedule the call for a future date and time. 

NB: This feature is not available on basic plan, if you are on a basic plan and wish to use this feature, please upgrade your subscription

Demonstration of Call reminders



Will an uncompleted call impact my future chases?

Emails and SMS’ will still be sent even when a call is left uncompleted for some time. 

How do I make calls?

At the moment, Chaser does not have an integrated calling system but our development team are currently working on this feature. For now, you’ will need to call your customers using your existing method (phone or calling platform).

Is there an easy way to reassign tasks if a user is leaving our company?

Yes, when you delete a user who has tasks assigned to them, you will be prompted to select which user their tasks should be reassigned to. Their active “to do” tasks and also their assigned scheduled will be updated automatically for you.

Is it possible to reassign tasks whilst a user is on annual leave?

Yes, this can be done by updating the ‘assigned’ user in the schedule. Alternatively, it is also possible to uncheck the checkbox in your call list named ‘only show tasks assigned to me’, and complete their tasks without reassigning them if this is preferred. 

Will a call reminder be added if my invoice is set to “not chasing”?

No, we will consider the chasing status. Any invoices that are set to “not chasing” will not trigger a call reminder.

How often will a call reminder task be raised for my customer?

The frequency of call reminder tasks is determined by your schedule. Each invoice will only trigger a reminder one, similar to chasing. 

Call reminders is not available on my account but I would like to use this. How can I get access?

Call reminders is not available on our basic plan. Please upgrade if you would like to use this feature. 

What happens if I have an uncompleted call for my customer, and another call reminder tasks is due to be added?
Only one call reminder will exist per customer, if you have an uncompleted call, and another is due to be added at your next chasing time, the details of the existing task will be updated to include the correct invoices and assignee.

For older invoices, I want to esclate the calls to a more senior Chaser user in our organisation, is this possible?

Yes, for each call reminder that you add into your schedule, you can select an assignee. Each call reminder can be associated with a different assignee if this is desired.

Which invoices will be included in my call reminder task?
When configuring a call reminder in a schedule, you will be asked to select how many days before or after the due date the call reminder should trigger. Invoices that are on or after the first call reminder added into your schedule will be included in the reminder. 

Will call reminders count towards my invoice quota?
No, only invoices chased via email or SMS count towards your invoice quota.