Making phone calls in the Chaser app

Phone your customers from the Chaser app, record and log phone calls effectively using in-app calls

** Phone calls and call recording will be free until 30th June 2024. 

Make calls in Chaser

Phone calls can be made easily within the Chaser application by following the steps below

1. Navigate to one of your customer pages or the call reminder list. The phone number will be displayed as a hyperlink, after clicking this, you will see a banner where you can start the call. 

Screenshot 2023-12-06 at 16.57.06

2. Click "Start call" to start the phone call

Screenshot 2023-12-06 at 16.57.17

Whilst you are in an active call, it is possible to navigate to different pages in the Chaser app, the call banner will remain active on your screen. 

3. Ending the call

Once you are finished, select "End call" on the call banner to end the call

Screenshot 2023-12-06 at 16.57.33

4. Log your call notes

Once the call has ended you can register your call. You will be required to log the call result (answered, skipped, incorrect number, not answered, left voicemail) and you can add your call notes. These will be displayed in the customer history, invoice history (if selected) and in the Chasefeed events.

Screenshot 2023-12-06 at 16.57.54

Recording a call

Important considerations for call recording
When utilising the call recording feature, it's crucial to follow ethical and legal guidelines to ensure a respectful and compliant communication process.

Please keep the following points in mind:

  • Before you begin recording any call, it's essential to inform the receiver that the call will be recorded. Politely ask for their consent to proceed with the recording. This not only ensures transparency but also fosters trust between both parties.
  • We strongly advise checking the specific legal requirements for recording calls in your jurisdiction. Laws and regulations can vary greatly by location, and it's important to be fully aware of and comply with these legal standards. Consulting legal advice in this regard can help you navigate these requirements effectively and ensure your call recording practices are fully compliant.

Recording calls is a straightforward process with our in-app calls feature. Follow these steps to ensure you capture your conversations accurately:

  1. Start by making a phone call using the in-app calls feature. This is your first step towards documenting important discussions.
  2. Once your call is underway, you'll notice a call banner at the bottom of your screen. A "start recording" button will become visible on this banner. Click this button to begin recording the call. The recording process initiates immediately upon clicking.
  3. After your conversation has concluded, or you've gathered the necessary information, click the "stop recording" button, which will be highlighted in red to catch your attention. Upon stopping, the button will turn green, indicating that your recording has been successfully saved.

  4. With the call ended, you now have the opportunity to register the call. This step allows you to add additional notes, link invoices to the call, and more, all while being able to listen back to the recording within the registration modal. This feature ensures that every detail of your conversation can be accurately documented and referenced.
  5. Once the call notes are logged they will appear in the history events of the related customer and you will be able to play, pause, download the audio file and/or change playback speed.

What to do if a call is unanswered

The mobile number used to make the calls through Chaser can only make outbound calls and cannot accept incoming calls. In the case that your call is unanswered we would always recommend that you leave a voicemail, if voicemail functionality is enabled, as well as send an SMS and/or email stating that you have tried to contact them. Within your follow-up communications, provider your customer with your direct number so that they can call you back directly. 

If your customer does phone the number back, they will be greeted with the following message. 

“Hello and thank you for calling. We appreciate your call, but please be advised that this number is set up for outbound calls only and cannot accept incoming calls. We apologise for any inconvenience. Thank you, have a great day!”

Making international calls within Chaser

To make phone calls outside of your organisations' region, you will need to add the country code to the phone number for the call to connect successfully. For calls in your organisations region, the country code is not required. 


Calls made using Chaser will be limited to a 20-minute duration. After this time has elapsed the call will end automatically.

Phone calls and call recording will not be available during a free trial or on our basic subscription. To try our phone call functionality, subscribe or upgrade to a standard plan or enterprise plan.

This functionality is not available for Xero app store customers.


How much do phone calls cost?

From 1st January - 1st July 2024, phone calls made within the Chaser application will be free of charge. Customers will be notified of any changes to phone call pricing in advance. 

I have international customers but I do not have the country code imported into my accounting system?

To make phone calls outside of your organisations' region, you will need to add the country code to the phone number for the call to connect successfully just as you would if you were phoning them from your own phone. Some accounting systems offer the ability to bulk upload your contacts in one go easily. If you use Xero, you can easily update all of your contacts in bulk by using their import functionally.

What phone number will be used to make the phone call?

Phone calls will be made from a UK mobile number.

If the customer returns my call, can this be redirected to my mobile number?

It is not currently possible to redirect callbacks to another number.

What will happen if my customer returns a call to the number provided?

As this is not an active number for receiving calls, if your customer does not answer your phone call, we recommend that you leave a voicemail stating how they can get in touch with you directly.

Do I need to inform the customer before starting to record a call?

Yes, you need to notify the customer that the call is being recorded and asking for consent.

What’s needed to comply with GDPR when using call recording?

You will need to update your terms and conditions stating that you are recording the calls and describe how the data is handled.

What are the legal requirements to use call recordings?

Chaser doesn’t provide with legal advice. It is your responsibility to check legal requirements in your area.

How I can delete a recording if requested by my customers?

If you want one or more calls to be deleted from our systems you’ll need to raise a request to