SMS chasing

Chaser allows you to chase your customers via SMS

** SMS will be free from 1st January 2024 - 30th June 2024. Please see the terms and conditions of this offer. Add SMS reminders to your schedules today to get started. 


What is the benefit of chasing via SMS?

On average people receive more than 50% fewer SMSs per day than they do emails, this results in higher open rates and quicker opening times. This makes it a great option for customers who aren't very responsive to emails or those who need an extra step of escalation. 

Adding SMS templates

By default, we have added some example templates that can be used within your SMS messages, these can be edited to suit your needs. 

SMS templates can be configured on a single or multi basis. The template used will be determined by the same invoice grouping rules as email reminders. See more on multi-grouping here.

Screenshot 2022-01-25 at 14.37.50

If you are using our Payment Portal, remember to add your Payment Portal link to your SMS templates. 

Adding SMS into your schedules

One you have confirmed/updated the templates to your liking, these can be added to your schedules. For SMS templates, there is no option to select the normal or escalated recipient.

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This will be billed as an add-on to your subscription. For partners, this will be billed to your partner's subscription, please discuss this with your partner before enabling SMS chasers.

Country Price per SMS
United Kingdom £0.10
Europe €0.12
Australia 0.18 AUD
New Zealand 0.19 NZD
United States 0.12 USD
Rest of World 0.12 USD (in local currency)

** SMS will be free from 1st January 2024 - 30th June 2024. Please see the terms and conditions of this offer. Add SMS reminders to your schedules today to get started. 


What telephone number will the SMS be sent from?

Chaser uses an automation service to send messages, which means numbers used will differ. For the UK, USA and Canada, local mobile numbers will be used to send the SMS. For all other regions, the SMS will be sent from a USA mobile number. 

Numbers used are as follows: +447897034108, +447723462036, (910)727-4362 (USA)

Who will the SMS be sent to?

The SMS will be sent to the mobile number of the primary contact in the organisation. If there is no valid mobile number, the SMS will not be sent. 

Screenshot 2022-01-25 at 15.19.35

Why is the mobile number for my contact invalid?

To send an SMS outside of your organisation's region, you'll need to add the country code to the mobile number for the call to connect successfully. For mobile numbers in your organisation's region, the country code is not required. 

When will the SMS' be sent?

All emails and SMS reminders will be sent at your scheduled chase time.

Why are there limited placeholders within the SMS templates?

Due to formatting and size limitations, it would not be possible to guarantee a message delivery with certain placeholders included.

Why is there a 320-character limit on SMS templates?

This limitation has been imposed to ensure best practices and better deliverability and user experience for those receiving the SMS. Short SMS' will be easier for recipients to digest and therefore, more powerful. 

Why can I not select escalated senders or recipients when adding an SMS chase to my schedule?

We are currently only able to pull the mobile number for the primary contact from accounting systems that we integrate with so there is no escalation point for the SMS messages at this time. 

If my customer replies to the SMS, will this be visible within Chaser?

No, replies are currently not supported. We recommend sending these messages with a note on who to contact or indicating not to reply to the message. We will be monitoring this and may look to support it in the future.