Email integrations

Send reminders and get replies directly to your domain, without intermediaries.

Note: This feature is currently available for Enterprise and Standard users, using Gmail only.

Gmail/Google Workspace 

To connect your email with Chaser, Google´s security protocol requires your organisation to add Chaser´s application to a list of "verified" apps, in Google Workspace. After that, you will get in touch with our support and they will activate this feature for your organisation. 


1) Setup - to be done by your Google Workspace Admin

- Go to 

- In Access and data control > API controls, add Chaser´s client id

Step 3: Send an email to with the subject: "Email integration: (Your organisation name)"

Step 4: We will then send you a confirmation email when the feature is active for your organisation, and you can proceed to connect. This should take a maximum of 4 business days.


2) Connection

- Go to Manage>Email>Deliverability, and click "Connect email"

- Choose the email you want to use (Ideally this will be the sender who sends the majority of your chasing emails)

- Sign-in with Google

- Accept permissions

- Thats it! You should then see a "Connected" state in the previous page, which confirms the email is now fully connected. From this point, every email from and to this inbox will be send/received directly and logged in Chaser.

Screenshot 2022-07-01 at 12.27.30

Do I still need Domain Verification?

Ideally you will have your domain verified as well as the email integration, to ensure that the rest of your team can send replies directly without them going into spam due to our intermediary email.

Other providers

Not available yet, if you are using another email provider and would like to connect to Chaser please let us know at