Payment Portal

Allow your customers to view their invoices and pay directly through Chaser invoice reminders. Learn how to set up and customise the payment portal, step by step.

What is the Payment Portal?

The Chaser Payment Portal provides your customers with a single, transparent place to view and pay for their outstanding invoices. 

Once you have set up the portal in Chaser, your customers will be able to pay for their invoices through the portal via credit/debit card or via bank transfer.

Setting up the Payment Portal will help decrease your Days versus Due Date (DvD), boost your cashflow and as your customers have complete visibility of their account it will save you time through minimising the bureaucratic reasons for late payment. 


Paying invoices through the Chaser payment portal

Benefits of the payment portal

  1. Get paid directly through your invoice reminders
  2. Make it easy for customers to pay; gives them access to multiple payment options instantly
  3. Gives your customers complete transparency 
    1. Customers can review paid and overdue invoices
    2. and also download a statement 
  4. Boosts your email deliverability and open rate through fewer email attachments
  5. Saves you time; giving your customers instant access to their invoices will mean fewer disputes and more prompt payments.

Setting up the portal


To start setting up your payment portal in Chaser, go to the payment portal settings in the Manage tab: 


Navigating to the payment portal settings in Chaser


Once you are in the payment portal settings. You can start setting up your Payment Portal. It is very easy to set up and there are only 3 simple steps to setting it up:

  1. Add in your company logo.
  2. Enter your bank details.
  3. Connect your payment platform
  4. Insert the payment portal link into your templates

Connecting your payment platform

The Chaser Payment Portal allows Xero and QuickBooks Online users to create a Chaser Pay account or connect a Stripe account.

Using your portal


Once you have set up your payment portal, you can start sending the portal to your customers straight away. There are two ways to share a payment portal with a customer:

  1. By copying the portal link from the customer's page in Chaser:
  2. By inserting the portal link into your Chaser templates:

Inserting payment portal link into invoice reminder templates

If you have any feedback on the portal or if there is anything else you would like to see on the portal, we would love to hear from you. Feel free to get in touch on or on live chat.


Demonstration of the Payment portal