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Plans and pricing

Chaser is free for a trial period of 10 days. You have full use of Chaser during your trial, excluding our paid for additional services including, but not limited to, debt collections and scheduling and sending SMS chases. You're able to connect email integration in trial, but not domain verification.

Information about our pricing, plans and the features they come with can be found here. Your subscription is priced according to the number of invoices you chase each month and what features you need. You don’t need to chase all invoices raised within your accounting system. You have full control over which invoices are chased within Chaser. You can do this by assigning different Schedules to customers, by selecting ‘Stop chasing’ on specific customers, or by pausing chasing complely within your Manage tab.

If the same invoice is chased multiple times in the same calendar month it only counts as one invoice chased. Your “Thank you for paying” emails and monthly statements don’t count towards the number of invoices you chase.

Basic and Standard plans have limited features. The Basic plan allows only one sender, meaning chasers can only be sent from one email address selected under ‘Email’. You can have up to two users,  eight templates and one schedule. You can chase up to 50 invoices. If you exceed an average of 50 invoices chased over a 3 month month average you will be upgraded to a Standard plan. 

The Standard plan allows up to four users, four schedules, an unlimited number of templates, and chasing up to 150 Invoices.

The Professional plan allows up to  eight users, four schedules, unlimited templates, and chasing up to 300 invoices.

The Enterprise plan allows unlimited users, schedules and templates and includes chasing up to 400 invoices. You also receive a 20% discount on our in-house debt collections service.

If you exceed your invoice limit you will be upgraded or charged overage. Find out more about our compliant use policy within our Terms of Service

We offer a range of custom plans tailored to suit your company’s needs. Get in touch with sales@chaserhq.com to discuss your individual needs.

We charge up front on a monthly basis for each subscription, or you can opt to pay annually and receive a discount. Get in touch at support@chaserhq.com to receive a quote if you’d like to pay annually.