Switching / Adding organisations


Users within Chaser can belong to multiple organisations. If you wish to add another organisation to Chaser, you can do so using the dropdown in the navigation bar at the top left of the screen.


Adding a new organisation 

  1. Click the organisation name in the dropdown.
  2. Select  'Add new organisation'.
  3. Click the relevant integration in the pop-up and choose ‘Select’.
  4. You will be directed to your accounting system log-in page
  5. Log in (choose the appropriate organisation if necessary) and click ‘Authorise’
  6. You will be directed back to Chaser
  7. Change any necessary settings then click ‘Confirm’



Switching organisations

If you have more than one organisation connected to Chaser, you can switch between organisations to make any changes and monitor the information. To do so, please click on your current organisation's name and select the other organisation.



Please note that the changes you make to one organisation are will not carry over to the other(s).