Connecting to the Chaser API

Chaser API allows you as a developer to import and export core data with Chaser.

If you would like to connect using Zapier please see the Zapier help center article.

Getting started

  1. Signup to Chaser here (if you are not a user yet).
  2. Login to Chaser.
  3. Create a new organisation.
  4. Select API from the list of available accounting systems.
  5. Click “Connect with API”.
  6. Enter your organisation name and click “Connect”. 
  7. Go to Organisation Settings > Integrations and create a new API key/secret.


The following tools and resources help you develop integrations using the Core API.

Postman Collection

To expedite development, Chaser provides the Chaser API Postman collection. 

  1. Download and install Postman Desktop App.
  2. Go to Collections and import the Chaser API Postman collection.
  3. Add a global variable named baseUrl to the environment and set its value to
  4. In the Authorization tab, set Type to Basic Auth. 
  5. Get the API key and secret from Chaser (Organisation Settings > Integrations > Get API key)
  6. Set the API key as the username and the API secret as the password.
  7. Select one of the requests available and click Send.

See the How to use Chaser API article for detailed data requirements and FAQs relating to the Chaser API