Connecting Outlook, Exchange or any other mail provider to Chaser

Send reminders and get replies directly to your domain, without intermediaries.

Our Email integration is available via SMTP and IMAP protocols for users using any email provider. This is simple to set up and this article will provide instructions for connecting your Outlook, Exchange or Yahoo accounts to Chaser.

How to connect?

1. Log in to your Chaser account

2. Go to Manage > Email > Deliverability

3. Select "Connect" and select the relevant mail provider or "other"

4. Select your email address (note: in order to connect your email account you must be added as a "sender" in Chaser and have verified your email address"

4. The SMTP, IMAP settings differ depending on your mail provider. For Outlook, Exchange or Yahoo, please follow the details below. For instructions on how to connect for other mail providers please contact

  • Email - enter your email address
  • Password - if 2-step verification is disabled on your account, you can use your regular password. If 2-step verification is enabled on your account, you will need to create an app password. App passwords are used to allow applications to securely log into your account without completing the 2-step verification. Instructions provided below. 
  • IMAP host -
    • Outlook/Exchange - 
    • Yahoo -
  • IMAP port - 993
  • SMTP host -
    • Outlook/Exchange - (outlook/exchange)
    • Yahoo -
  • SMTP port - 587

If your company uses on-premise software, ask your IT department to provide your SMTP and IMAP details, otherwise please use the above details.

How to set up an app passwords for outlook/exchange

How you set up app passwords in outlooks depends on the type of account. Please see instruction here.