Chase time

Learn how to choose your chasing day and times, and how to stop/start chaser on bank holidays.

Set a chase time

Select the days and times that reminders are sent to your customers here. Chases will be sent out within one hour after the chasing time selected, not at the exact time. This is to ensure the emails look human, not automated.

You should complete reconciliation on each chase day(s) before your chase time so chases are sent based on accurate information of what has/hasn’t been paid. This ensures that chasers will not be sent regarding invoices that have already been paid.

Select whether you want to send reminders on public holidays using the tick box. Your company location dictates which national public holidays apply.

We recognise national public holidays in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Please note, we don't recognise regional-specific bank holidays which are only recognised in certain areas of a country. You can pause Chaser and resume on a set date from the Manage tab. Learn more here.

Thanks for paying and monthly statement reminders are sent on the weekday after payment is received regardless of chase days selected. You can select the time that these are sent.


Recommended chasing times

Use the recommended chasing time to increase your chances of prompt payment and/or responses from your customers. This is a tailored recommendation based on your customers’ behaviour. It considers your customers’ previous actions following chases being sent (e.g. payment made, email reply, email open) and predicts the best time to chase them. 

Note: When you ‘Chase Now’ for an invoice/customer the chaser is sent immediately regardless of the timings selected. You can replace your next scheduled chase when using ‘Chase now’ (see the link for details).