Email settings: Senders, forewarn and signatures

Adding and editing signatures


To edit your email settings go to Manage > Email. Click ‘Edit’ next to the sender:



Under 'Signature', there is a text box, enter your preferred signature.

Click the 'image' button to add a logo or email footer, or drag-and-drop an image from your computer





Selecting ‘Forewarn’ for a sender means that reminders will be sent to their email address in the 24 hours before any automatic chasers or statements are sent out. It also means that the sender is informed weekly about invoices that have reached the end of their schedule; i.e. invoices that are no longer eligible to be chased automatically.


These forewarns for chasers are sent at the following times in your organisation's timezone:

  • 5 am - regarding chasers due to be sent between 7 am and 5 pm today
  • 10 am - regarding chasers due to be sent between midday today and 7 am tomorrow
  • 3 pm - regarding chasers due to be sent between 5 pm today and midday tomorrow

Statement reminders are sent out one and three days before the statement is due to send at 8 am.


To enable forewarning:

  • Click ‘Edit’ next to the relevant sender
  • Tick the checkbox under ‘Forewarn’
  • Click ‘Save’

‘Yes’ will now appear in the forewarn column next to the sender.

Setting normal and escalated senders

You can use escalation by setting normal and escalated senders. These can be then selected for each chasers in a  schedule, so you can personalise how the escalation is set. For more information on this see our help centre article here.

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