Use the add note feature

Use notes to record details and set reminders for yourself and other users.

Notes will attach to the customer's profile and be visible through the history of the customer and the invoices they apply to. 

  • Click the Add Note button 
  • Enter your comments in the note module
  • Highlight the invoices this note is relevant to using the drop-down
  • Set yourself an optional reminder using ‘Select date’
  • Tag one or more other users by typing @ and using the drop-down that appears to select the correct user
  • Click Save Note to confirm

Access the Add Note feature from the customer or invoice-specific page by clicking the Add Note button at the top of the screen.

You can also add a note via the Receivables Customer or Invoices tab. Click the 3 dots on the right-hand side of the customer/invoice and choose Add note.

The most recent note added that applies to the customer/invoice will show in Receivables exports

You can use the Register call button in a similar way to the Add note function. 

You’re unable to tag other users or set reminders, but can Reschedule the call for a later date if the call is not conducted successfully. The call reminder will appear in your Call reminder task list.