Learn more about the Receivables tab.

Receivables page

Access your Receivables page via the main navigation bar on the left-hand side in Chaser. This is the primary way to view your receivables and your chasing and communications history. You can view by 'Customers', which is the default view, or 'Invoices'.


The 'Customers' view is the default view when you navigate to the 'Receivables' tab. You can select either the 'Customers' or 'Invoices' view using the tabs.

The customer view displays all customers within your accounting system. You can view summary information about overdue and outstanding balances, an invoice subtable, communication history including chases and if the email has been opened, and customer details. Learn more in our Customer View help centre article.

The invoices view displays all outstanding invoices by default. You can also filter to see paid invoices. Find out more in the Help centre article about the Invoices view.

Demonstration of Receivables tab



The Export button allows you to download the Receivables page information via XLSX file to a spreadsheet.

Screenshot 2023-06-14 at 14.56.52


You can download either customer or invoice information.

Customer XLS


Invoice XLS