Setting credit limits

The ‘Credit limit’ functionality allows you to create an alert via email and on Chasefeed when a customer’s outstanding invoices reach a certain value. This trigger is based on a percentage of a set credit limit, you can have multiple alerts and up to three different percentages.

You can set customer-specific or default credit limits.


Setting customer-specific credit limits

Credit limits are set on the customer page, accessible by selecting the relevant customer on the Receivables page. You can choose to edit a customer’s threshold by clicking ‘Edit’ to the left of the ‘Credit limit’.




This will open the ‘Edit credit limit’ Module as below:


  1. Apply your default credit limit to this customer
  2. Enter the value of the threshold for this customer in your base currency
  3. This indicates the percentage of this threshold that will trigger a notification
  4. Add an additional percentage trigger
  5. Link to the default credit limit in the Manage page
  6. Delete the credit limit for this customer
  7. Save changes to the credit limit


Default credit limits

You can choose to set a default credit limit for your organisation so that all new customers are assigned the same credit limit. This is done using the ‘Edit limit’ button in Manage > General.


When doing so, it is possible to set that credit for all current customer using the default credit limit by checking the relevant box:



To remove the default credit limit use the ‘Remove Limit' button:


This will allow you to choose to remove the credit from all customers using the default limit by checking the box as below. If this is left unselected the customers who are currently set on this threshold will remain the same, however, new customers will not have a threshold applied.