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Collections page

The Collections page is your hub for escalating invoices and monitoring your collections. 

At the top of the page, there are three modules with information about your collectable invoices. 

  • Collections ready is a sum and tally of your invoices which have not been escalated that are 30 days or more overdue and have a value of £250 or more. You can escalate invoices with a value of £250 or more at anytime, but we recommend ensuring you have at least made a few attempts to collect from your customer via email, SMS, call, etc.
  • Collecting shows the value and tally of invoices that you have escalated to collections which have been accepted by the collections team and are currently being actioned. 
  • Collected is the sum and tally of all invoices which have gone through the collections process and been paid. There is an indication of your past week’s collection progress with the arrow indicator on the right.


The tally of the invoices filters the relevant invoices on the collections page when selected. 

 You can search a specific invoice or customer in the Collections page using the search bar as in Receivables.

There are two tabs in the Collections page ‘overdue’ and ‘in progress’ 


The Overdue tab shows a list of all of your overdue invoices with a column to indicate their overdue days (the number of days from their due date), the amount outstanding on these invoices and the collection fee should you choose to escalate that invoice alone. 


If you hover on the single invoice fee a tooltip will display the maximum fee in GBP for collecting this invoice. This fee will be requested when you receive payment for a collected invoice. 

You can access lower fees for collection if you batch select the invoices on the left and select ‘Collect X invoices’.

Once you select ‘Collect’ on an invoice it will be marked as ‘In Progress’ and ‘Collecting’ when accepted by the collections team and be moved to the ‘In Progress’ tab. 


In progress

This tab shows the invoices that you have selected to collect. This also denotes the same information as the Overdue tab (overdue days, outstanding amount and the agreed invoice fee).


You can use the three-point menu on the left to cancel the collection for any invoice that is currently 'Pending'.

Collections demonstration