Normal and Escalated Senders

The normal and escalated sender function allows you to create a hierarchy in your schedules. Should you have no response after a certain amount of time you can escalate who will send your chase email, it is recommended you choose a senior contact at your organisation as the escalated sender. 


To edit which senders are associated with which chasers go to your 'Edit schedule page'.



You can find out more on how to edit this here


To edit who is considered a 'normal' versus an 'escalated' sender in your organisation go Manage> Email 




By using the "Normal" and "Escalated" column you can pick and choose who will send the email based on their schedule. You can also select someone to be CC'd into communication.


If you have one contact or don't want to use this function, simply select the same contact as both the  "Normal" and "Escalated" sender to send them all communications.


To find out more about adding senders to your organisation, visit the help centre article here.