Chase now

Send manual emails within Chaser outside of your set schedules.

Send manual email chases using 'Chase now', regardless of whether the customer or invoice status is set to chasing or not. You can chase now in a variety of ways.

Single invoices

Go to the Receivables page and select Invoice view or enter a specific customer tab. Click the three vertical dots next to the invoice you wish to chase. Select ‘Chase now’ from the dropdown.

Screenshot 2021-01-11 at 12.37.02

Multiple invoices

Select multiple invoices belonging to the same customer using the tick boxes on the left-hand side on either the Invoice view or on a specific customer tab. Select Chase now from the blue bulk operation button that appears at the top left-hand side of the table.

Screenshot 2021-01-11 at 12.38.40

All invoices

Chase all invoices belonging to a customer by selecting the ‘Chase now’ button at the top right-hand side of a customer tab. This will chase all unpaid invoices whether due or not.

Screenshot 2023-04-14 at 12.56.09

*Please note: If your customer is missing a contact email address 'Chase now' will be disabled until you add this in your accounting system.

When chase now is selected a modal will open. The text box will automatically fill with the next scheduled template or multi-template. If there is no ‘Next scheduled chase’ this will autofill the first template on your list.

If you have selected both before and after due invoices, your normal templates may not apply so the chase now will display the invoice table instead. 

From here, you can use the 'template' dropdown to choose an alternative template and edit the chaser as you see fit.



Below the text box, you can choose to attach the relevant invoice or customer statement using the checkboxes. You can also choose to attach a file from your desktop using the ‘Attach File’ button or dragging and dropping files you wish to attach.


Attach file will open the upload modal from your computer. Select one or more files to send with your chaser.

  • Files will upload if they are under 10MB in size.
  • The following file types will not be allowed because they are considered dangerous:
File Extension Description File Extension Description
ADE Microsoft Access Project Extension MDB Microsoft Access Application
ADP Microsoft Access Project MDE Microsoft Access MDE Database
BAS Visual Basic® Class Module MSC Microsoft Common Console Document
BAT Batch File MSI Windows Installer Package
CHM Compiled HTML Help File MSP Windows Installer Patch
CMD Windows NT® Command Script MST Visual Test Source File
COM MS-DOS® Application PCD Photo CD Image
CPL Control Panel Extension PIF Shortcut to MS-DOS Program
CRT Security Certificate REG Registration Entries
EXE Application SCR Screen Saver
HLP Windows® Help File SCT Windows Script Component
HTA HTML Applications SHS Shell Scrap Object
INF Setup Information File URL Internet Shortcut (Uniform Resource Locator)
INS Internet Communication Settings VB VBScript File
ISP Internet Communication Settings VBE VBScript Encoded Script File
JS JScript® File VBS VBScript Script File
JSE JScript Encoded Script File WSC Windows Script Component
LNK Shortcut WSF Windows Script File
    WSH Windows Scripting Host Settings File

Zip files can be attached but will not send if any of the file types listed above are contained in the zip. To check if a zip file has sent check the ‘delivery status’ of the chaser in your customer or invoice page. 


An error will occur on sending if the combined size of all of your attached files (invoices and customer statement included) exceed 10MB. To resolve this, simply delete some of the attached files using the ‘x’ on the file name and try to send again. 

Senders and recipients

 Initially, the senders and recipients for your next chase will be selected by default.


You can edit which senders and recipients you would like by selecting ‘Edit’ and selecting the relevant buttons for to/from and cc:


Replace next chase

If you choose are sending a single invoice and choose not to edit the chaser, you can use the checkbox to send it in place of your next scheduled chase. To turn this functionality off and keep the same next chase, you can uncheck this option at the bottom of the Chase Now module. This is not available when sending multiple invoices:

Once you are happy with your edits and settings click ‘Send chaser’.