What happens if the number of invoices chased in a month exceeds my plan limit?

Learn about compulsory upgrades and overage charges based on your usage.

We assess fair usage over a rolling three-month retrospective period. If you’ve been subscribed less than three months, we’ll base your usage on the time you’ve been subscribed to Chaser.


You’ll be upgraded to the next level subscription if you exceed your plan’s invoice quota on average over a three month period, or may be subject to overage charges instead. Basic plans don’t have the option for overage to be applied, so an upgrade to Standard would be compulsory. We’ll always contact your main billing contact(s) to make you aware of changes to your plan level and price unless you have unsubscribed from ‘Customer’ contact. To ensure these emails reach you, please ensure you keep contact details up to date and don’t unsubscribe from ‘Customer’ contact from Chaser.

Example A: 

You’re subscribed to the Basic plan and have an invoice chasing allowance of 50 invoices per month. You’ve chased an average of 62 invoices per month over the last three months - June, July and August. Your subscription will be upgraded to a Standard plan and your September invoice will reflect this. You’ll receive an email to let you know, including information about new features available to you, and the option to book a call with our Customer Success team. You can downgrade at any point once your monthly invoices chased is below the lower plan limit.


Overage charges

Overage is charged at £30 (or equivalent local currency) for each block, which covers 50 invoices for Standard plans and 100 invoices for Professional and Enterprise plans. Overage charges are calculated based on your average invoices chased over the previous two months. Overage blocks are added on to your invoice automatically in line with our Terms of Service. You’re not notified of this, other than via receiving your invoice sent your billing contact(s).

Overage billing is completed in arrears. If you sign up on the 16th June, the average invoice chased will be taken for the month end of June and July, for which an average will be taken. Overage would be added to your August invoice.

Example B: You’re subscribed to a Standard plan and have an invoice chasing allowance of 150 invoices. You’ve chased an average of 190 invoices per month over the last two months of January and February. One block of overage is added to your March invoice. You won’t be notified of this, but will see an itemised breakdown in your March invoice.

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