What happens if the number of invoices I send in a month exceeds my plan limit?

We assess fair usage over a rolling 6 month retrospective period. Alternatively, if you have been subscribed for less than 6 months, then we will assess fair usage based on the time you have been subscribed to Chaser.


If you exceed your invoice quota on average over this period, then we will contact you about your potential need for a higher plan.


For example; if you are subscribed to the Basic plan and have an invoice chasing allowance of 50 invoices per month and in the previous 6 months you have chased on average 60 invoices per month, we will notify you that you will be upgraded to the Standard plan.

The billing is done in arrears, so if the Subscriber signs up on the 16th June, the average invoice chasing will be taken for the month end of June, July, August, September, October and November, for which an average will be taken. The upgrade to the plan will then be conducted on the 1st December