A troubleshooting guide for Chaser-Zapier integration

Resolving issues and optimizing your workflow: practical solutions for Chaser and Zapier users

A Zap is not triggering

Check your trigger settings: Ensure the trigger is set up correctly. Verify the selected app and the specific event within the app.

Review data in trigger source: If using a spreadsheet, ensure the data is entered correctly and matches the criteria set for triggering.

Test your trigger: In Zapier, use the 'Test' function to see if the trigger is being recognized.

Incorrect data transfer

Check field matching: Ensure that the fields in your trigger app (like a spreadsheet) correctly correspond to the fields in Chaser.

Review data formats: Make sure the data format (like date formats) matches what Chaser expects (YYYY-MM-DD).

An action is not executing in chaser

Verify Chaser API connection: Check if your Chaser account is correctly connected to Zapier. Re-enter API keys if necessary.

Check action setup: Review the selected action in Chaser and ensure it’s configured correctly.

Receiving error messages

Understand the error: Read the error message for clues. It often indicates what’s wrong (like a login issue or missing data).

Cross-check account details: Verify if your account details for both Chaser and the trigger app are correct and up-to-date.

A zap works once then stops

Check Zapier plan limitations: Ensure you haven’t exceeded the task limit on your Zapier plan.
Re-test and review: Sometimes, re-testing the Zap and reviewing the setup can resolve intermittent issues.

A delayed zap execution

Understand Zapier’s Timing: Zaps don’t always run instantly; some delay is normal, depending on your Zapier plan.

Check Zapier’s Performance: Occasionally, delays can be due to Zapier’s server performance. Check Zapier’s status page for any known issues.

Trouble understanding Zapier interface

If you are having trouble understanding Zapiers interface, please see Zapier’s help center or Chaser’s customer support for assistance.

Need additional support?

Please refer to our FAQs and guide if you need further assistance.