Does my price change depending on the number of invoices I chase?

Learn more about overage charges based on your invoices chased.

You'll be charged overage if you exceed your plan limit as an average of the previous 2 months. Invoices chased are counted on a monthly basis, with multiple chases to an invoice in a given month counting as 1 invoice chased in that month. Manual and automated chases are counted within this quota. Thanks for paying and Monthly statements as well as notes added do not count towards this quota. Overage is billed one month in arrears. You can find out more in this Help Centre article and in our Terms of Service.

If you're on a Basic plan and exceed your 50 invoice limit over a 3-month average you'll be upgraded to a Standard plan automatically. This is compulsory according to our terms, and we'll email you to inform you of this upgrade. It is your organisation's responsibility to ensure that your billing contact details are kept up to date. You can downgrade once your invoices chased have reduced to within the lower plan limits. If you're on a Standard plan or above and significantly exceed your invoice limit, we will reach out to inform you as it will likely be more economical for you to upgrade.

We recommend you choose a plan according to the average number of invoices you think you will have to chase each month. You can view the number of invoices you chase each month in-app by navigating to Organisation Settings > Subscription.

Find out how to use your invoice limits effectively.