When does Chaser sync with my accounting software?

Understand when and how Chaser syncs with your customer and invoice data.

Chaser syncs automatically with your integrated accounting software (or CSV files if you integrate via Chase Import):

  • Before each forewarn is sent
  • Before chases are sent
  • Before statements are sent
  • Before thanks for paying are sent

You can manually sync by clicking 'Sync now' at the top right-hand corner when logged in to Chaser on any page. This will need to be completed on each organisation if you have multiple entities.

Screenshot 2023-10-27 at 08.55.06

Chaser will pull the latest information available. Please note payment reconciliation is vital for the correct data to be available when syncing. 

If you integrate via Chaser API, your data will be visible in Chaser as soon as you get a successful response from one of the endpoints. However, a sync is required to ensure that all calculations such as overdue, outstanding customer balances and next chases are calculated correctly. You can manually click "Sync now" to recalculate these balances.