Managing your default schedule

Your default schedule is the schedule that all new customers will be automatically assigned to. New invoices are assigned to the schedule relevant to the customer they are associated with.


We indicate your current default schedule by placing tagging it ‘Default’ and positioning it first in your schedule list:



In order to change your default schedule, select ‘Edit’ on the schedule you would like to change your default to navigate to the 'Edit schedule' page.


Select the three grey dots in the top right corner of the page and click ‘Make default schedule’.



You can then select whether you would like to move the customers on your current default schedule to your new default. To do this, click the checkbox provided:



Once you click ‘Change default schedule’ any new customer you invoice will automatically be added to this schedule.


To add customers and invoices to different schedules, please see the Adding customers/invoices to a schedule article here


Demonstration of schedules and templates