Is my information secure?

Find out how we store

Yes. Chaser regards the security of the information you provide us as paramount and we treat it as carefully as our own data. The rigorous safeguards to ensure the safety of your data include:

  • Your data is always encrypted when transfer between Chaser, your browser and your accounting system
  • Your data is stored in securely configured servers located in ISO-certified EU data centres  
  • Chaser follows best-practices for the development of secure software (including storage of your credentials) and performs regular code audits
  • Chaser continuously replicates your data for the purpose of performing regular backups between physical locations to ensure any outages don’t impact you or your customers
  • Your account log in is protected by Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

You need to take suitable precautions to protect your own safety online. We recommend choosing secure passwords, not sharing login details or 2FA codes, and remaining diligent to phishing and other scam messages. Chaser will never ask for your login details, such as your password or 2FA code, via email or phone or any other method. If you’re unsure about an email you receive regarding Chaser, reach out directly to for confirmation.