Chasing criteria

The chasing criteria section gives you two important options that play an important role in Chasers functionality, the expected payment date function and minimum chase value.


To access chasing criteria go to Manage > General:



Don't chase invoices prior to any expected payment date

Chaser can be configured to pause chasing invoices until after a specified date has passed of your choosing, set on the invoice page. This is a global setting which will is applied to all invoices. You can set an expected payment date for an invoice on the receivables: customer or invoice tab and the customer and invoice pages.  For more information on how to do this, please read the ‘expected payment date’ section here.


Don't chase invoices with an outstanding balance below

You can specify a monetary value that is used as a minimum limit when deciding whether to chase an invoice by email.

Tick the checkbox to set a new limit and click edit to change this.

This will bring open a popup inviting you to enter a new minimum outstanding amount:


Enter your desired value, and click ‘Apply’. This will cause all invoices with an outstanding amount less than the value you specified to be set as not chasing. A module will appear asking you to confirm your new value.

You can now view the invoices that have been set to not chasing by viewing the ‘Not chasing’ tab on the Invoices page.

To unset a limit, simply uncheck the relevant checkbox. As with decreasing the limit, this action will not affect any of your current invoices but will affect new invoices and invoices that are updated within your accounting system.

NB: Payment plan installments for less than the amount set here will still be chased if the total amount outstanding on the invoice is above this amount.

You will set the limit in your own base currency, but we understand that you may invoice customers in different currencies. In these cases, we will carry out automatic currency conversions.


Note: While increasing or setting the limit may affect the chasing status of current invoices, decreasing the limit will not. If you decide to decrease your limit, then you can move invoices back over to chasing by visiting the ‘Not chasing’ tab on the Invoices page, ordering by amount outstanding, and then clicking the ‘Start chasing’ button for the relevant invoices. 


Note: The limit value will affect all new invoices and any invoices that get updated in your accounting system. For example, if an invoice is marked as partially paid, such that the amount outstanding is less than your threshold, then we will automatically set this to be not chasing when the change occurs.