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Cancelling your subscription

How to cancel and what happens next.

To cancel your subscription please complete this Cancellation form and we’ll be in touch to arrange the cancellation of your subscription. There’s a 30-day notice period for cancellation of software in line with our Terms of Service. Any renewals during this period will be charged and no credits or refunds will be issued. Your cancellation notice period starts from the day you notify us, and you have full use of Chaser during this time. You won’t receive any refunds for any period of the subscription where you’ve not been actively using Chaser.

Xero Appstore subscriptions

If you subscribe to Chaser via the Xero Appstore we will be unable to cancel your subscription for you. You need to unsubscribe via the Xero Appstore. If you need assistance doing this, please get in touch with the Xero support team.

Annual plans
Annual plans are paid for upfront. You must cancel your annual plan renewal at least 30 days before your next renewal. If you cancel part-way through an annual plan, no full refunds or credits will be issued.

Your account data

Your account and data are preserved for 90 days from the end of your Chaser subscription in case you change your mind. You’ll still have access to a small amount of data but all chasing and syncs will be disabled during this period. After 90 days, your account and information will be deleted.