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Your Chaser invoice

You will receive a monthly email with the invoice PDF for your Chaser subscription(s).

If you subscribe to a plan before your trial ends you will be charged and receive your Chaser invoice at the end of your trial period. You will be charged for the month ahead. For example; if you subscribe on 6th April, but your trial doesn't finish until the 8th April, you will be charged for the first time on 8th April for the period of the 8th April - 7th May.


If you are a non-partner subscriber on behalf of several organisations you’ll receive a separate invoice for each.


Your subscribing user can also find your Chaser invoices by clicking in the top right of your screen and then going to 'Billing'.


The subscriptions are paid for by credit card. If the total monthly subscriptions you are paying for exceed your card limit, please contact us at support@chaserhq.com.