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Partner Hub

This content is for Chaser Partners only, if you're interested in becoming a partner with Chaser and gaining access to Partner Hub and other partner resources please contact kristina.chapleo@chaserhq.com.

Partner Hub is a web application designed specifically for our partners to manage and issue licences for their clients.

Accessing Partner Hub

  • Partner Hub can be accessed directly through Chaser by clicking on your user name in the far right-hand corner of the navigation bar, and then clicking 'Partner Hub' in the dropdown box.
  • You can also choose to log directly into Partner Hub using your ordinary Chaser details (https://hub.chaserhq.com/)

Adding clients 

  • You can choose to issue a licence to a client by clicking the blue Add client button in the Clients tab. This will allow you to authorise their Chaser account using the relevant accounting system. You will need full access to the client's Chaser account to do this.
  • Issuing a licence will add them to your bundle, and automatically make you the first user of their Chaser organisation. You can then invite your client as a user of their account if you wish.